Applications built on our proprietary technology platform makes our solutions unique in the marketplace.

Key Features of Our Technology

Track and Trace with Real-Time Visibility Tracking
Davis Delivery Service can provide real-time tracking information for the final mile of your shipment, package, freight delivery for the consignee or shipper. Talk about…
Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD)
Allows for you to immediately see when the end customer/final mile has signed for the delivery and if there was an issue with the delivery…
Real-Time Dispatch
Delivery truck, delivery driver and location of the package can all be notified in real-time. Able to send address corrections and pickup locations to the…
Customer Surveys
Gather usable feedback instantly so you can proactively address issues
Data Security
Data encryption at rest and in transit both in our mobile applications and dispatch portal... A necessity for whatever the security compliance level you require.